Bathroom heating elements

Bathroom heating elements are the heating elements of new generation, which are intended for heating of bathrooms, corridors, toilets, kitchenettes, gyms, etc. and at the same time serve for drying towels, dishcloths and other textiles which can be hang on the element. They can be used for heating elements in individual or mass housing developments, in which the modified water or other heat carriers is commonly used with the maximum working temperature of 100°C with the forced or selfweight circulation of working overpressure p=1,0 MPa.

For people interested in off-season heating we provide heating elements attached with electric heating elements. Electronic heating elements can be used for independent direct heating. Electric heating elements can be used in bathrooms in zones 1, 2 and 3. Each element can be independently deaerated. Heating elements are fixed in four points (only the type K 450/730, K 600/730, K 450/950, K 600/940 a K 450/1290 in three points). All kinds of fixing sets contain appropriate holders, all connection accessories including wood screws and washers and a set for the element deaeration. For the wall drilling it is necessary to use a drill with 10mm diameter. To the heating elements which are made in different colour than white (RAL 9003) we standardly provide metal holders in the same colour as the heating element is.

1 Bathroom heating element type K 139118
2 Bathroom heating element type KDO 147565
3 Bathroom heating element type KOS 67422
4 Bathroom heating element type KD 105816
5 Bathroom heating element type KDO22 58059
6 Bathroom heating element type KD22 56178
7 Bathroom heating element type KLD 71094
8 Bathroom heating element type KDO14 53516
9 Bathroom heating element type KD14 45222
10 Bathroom heating element type KQ 60522
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Characteristic data

Hydraulic resistance value

  • Connectors: DN 15 (1/2)
  • Resistance coefficient: 2,5

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